Spaces is an evolving  gallery of images for reproduction on canvas, with $10 from the sale of every canvas dedicated to the humanitarian non-profit organisation Sight For All.

It is a microprofit website providing interesting and unusual photographs from around the world.

Like our world, the gallery is a work in progress - it will never stop evolving.

Canvases can be ordered by quoting the image number listed at the end of the picture caption.

Forward your image choice to us via the Contact us page, along with your name and address. will also reproduce your own special travel photograph on canvas. See the Contact us page for details on how to submit your image.

The cost of Postage and handling is extra.

Postage for international purchases will be calculated and included in a Summary Invoice, which can then be paid through the Canvas purchase page, by clicking on the Buy Now button.

Interesting imagery on large canvas can make an impressive corporate gift, a great holiday  souvenir and a special holiday memory that will be a focal point in your home.

is a photographic collective,

a host site for travel photographers and photojournalists.


The aim is to generate a moderate income (microprofit) for image authors  and to establish an ongoing stream of financial support for the international charitable foundation Sight For All.